The hard truth is that the responsibility for an organisation’s success and failure ultimately rests with the Board. That responsibility is made even more onerous by the lack of objective data relating to Human Capital behaviour.

Until now, Boards have been faced with having to rely on subjective data generated by different personalities. Managers are only human, they hold wildly different views on what constitutes best practice methods, systems and performance. They carry differing bias and loyalties, introducing a significant degree of subjectivity around what constitutes the desired behaviours. This natural bias cannot help but influence the entire organisation’s culture, performance and profitability, due to the poor data collected on the workforce’s behaviours.

What if there was a way to create a robust, standardised overview of human capital? A system that delivers objective measurement throughout an organisation?

Now, Boards have access to consistent and valid data and remove subjectivity from the decision making process.

What does ROIassurance offer?

Amongst other benefits, we deliver:

  • Mitigated risk around key staff turnover
  • Data based decision support for succession planning
  • Maximised ROI of human capital investments
  • Predictive analytics for short and long term strategic imperatives.

Such a system creates powerful objective inputs, never before available to Boards. It ushers in a new paradigm. Boards have confidence in human capital behavioural data so Board responsibilities are executed. Boards exercise valid judgements around executive management, behaviours and performance.

In the past this system has never existed. Today, it has been tested and proven in over 35 different industry sectors. Allowing users to maximise ROI on human capital and keep the finger on the pulse of manager bias. Most importantly, you have significantly greater confidence in meeting your obligations as a board member.