Who We Are

Ranald Hendriks – Chair / CEO
Ranald is the founder of Stars Flight Limited. He has more than 15,000 hours experience coaching in behaviour modification and has spent more than 20 years developing and researching behavioural workplace techniques and practices. Based in New Zealand, he consults to clients globally.

Ranald heads knowledge and curriculum. Ranald started his career in HR working for the two of the world’s largest global providers of staffing services. He has a track record of award winning performance in both the insurance and the staffing services sectors. With over 30 year’s experience in HR consulting, it is difficult to identify an industry sector Ranald has not had some exposure to.


Sian Jaquet – Values Director
Sian has extensive global experience aligning Boards to values. She consults throughout the sales and implementation process to ensure issues are resolved, value conflicts are integrated and key stakeholders are aligned.   



Nigel Corbett – Translation Director
Nigel Corbett has won several international awards as a creative in advertising and public relations. He has held many Director positions in large, indie sized and Not for Profit organisations. A previous client of Starf, Nigel helps our clients identify the soul of their business, as a precursor to the values work we do.                           




Mandy Murtagh – Operations Director
Mandy is responsible for compliance and audit, as well as overseeing support staff, suppliers and partner relationships.





Alan Shum – Director of Development
Alan has a track record of building high quality and scalable online solutions that are delivered on time and under budget.




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